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Here’s how Asthma Patients Can reduce their Covid-19 Risk

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2020 | Asthma, corona virus, Covid- 19

Asthma patients may be at a higher risk of the respiratory complications brought on by infection with the Corona virus or Covid-19. Here’s how you can mitigate your risks of contracting this deadly disease.

First of all, a Covid-19 infection is not just the common cold or flu. From what we currently know of this disease, it is especially more likely to strike the immunocompromised. People with asthma who are already at risk of respiratory distress may be at grave risk of serious complications if they contract this disease. The Centers for Disease Control warns asthma patients of complications from a severe, uncontrollable asthma attack to acute respiratory distress or pneumonia.

If you are an asthma sufferer, please take these precautions.

If you are able to work from home, please do so. Talk to your employer about your health situation, and request a work from home adjustment in your schedule.

If you cannot work from home, practice social distancing. Maintain a minimum of 1 meter distance between you and people closest to you.

Stock up on essential supplies, including your medical supplies like your inhalers and medications.

Keep away from people who have a cold or even a slight case of the sniffles. Avoid crowds.

Wash your hands regularly with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Avoid touching your face, eyes and nose.

Avoid enclosed spaces like movie halls, and malls. Avoid non-essential air travel.

Avoid sharing cups, spoons and towels as well as other personal items that may place you at risk of infections.

Avoid your asthma triggers.

Broadly, stay home as much as possible, wash your hands often and avoid contact with the sick.

You can recover from Covid-19, but if you suffer from asthma, it can result in you suffering acute respiratory distress, which makes recovery harder. Please stay safe.