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New Conditions Added to Compassionate Allowance Program for Disability Benefits

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2022 | Compassionate allowance

The Social Security Administration recently added a number of new conditions that are eligible for expedited processing of disability benefits under its Compassionate Allowances program.

The Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowances program allows for persons who are suffering from certain chronic or serious conditions to receive disability benefits quicker.  Claims filed under this program are eligible for expedited processing.  You might have your claim for disability benefits processed in a matter of weeks rather than several months or even a year as with a regular claim.

The list of conditions that are eligible for expedited processing is updated regularly.   That list now includes 12 new conditions including different types of carcinomas as well as disabling muscular disorders.  They are:

  1. Duchenne muscular dystrophy
  2. Taybe Linder syndrome
  3. Choroid plexus carcinoma
  4. Cic-rearranged carcinoma
  5. Desmoplastic mesothelioma
  6. Pericardial mesothelioma
  7. Refractory Hodgkin syndrome
  8. Renpenning syndrome
  9. SCN8A related epilepsy with encephalopathy
  10. SYNGAP1 -related NSID
  11. Congenital Zika syndrome
  12. Charlevoix -Saguenay spastic ataxia

According to the Social Security Administration, as many as 700,000 beneficiaries to date have benefited from the Compassionate Allowances program that allows them to receive benefits quickly due to the severity of their medical condition.