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This Could be One Reason why your Multiple Sclerosis Benefits Claim was Denied

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Multiple Sclerosis

Filing a Social Security disability benefits claim for multiple sclerosis can be challenging. One major reason for benefits claims being denied is because symptoms of MS are so often intermittent, or appear and disappear suddenly.

These symptoms are called paroxysmal symptoms, and many patients who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis suffer from these kinds of irregular symptoms which come on suddenly without any warning and last for very little time. Paroxysmal symptoms may last for a few minutes or even a few seconds. There may be several dozen such episodes of symptoms throughout the day, and these could be either painful or just irritating, preventing you from doing your normal work easily.

Some of the common symptoms of multiple sclerosis like tingling or numbness in the extremities can occur and disappear throughout the day, but still cause discomfort or pain. Other paroxysmal symptoms of multiple sclerosis include weakness in the eye muscles, slurred speech, changes in the volume of your voice, changes in your speech rhythm, freezing up of facial muscles, and freezing up of the muscles that are responsible for swallowing and general fatigue.

When symptoms are not consistent, it becomes much more challenging to prove that your condition is serious enough for you to be unable to work at a regular job and earn a living. These challenges are compounded with a disability like multiple sclerosis, which has several of these sporadic symptoms that appear and disappear throughout the day.

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits for multiple sclerosis has been denied, it could be due to this very reason. Make sure that you have solid medical documentation, including the results of diagnostic and imaging scans, your doctor’s reports as well as a summary from your medical team about your limitations, to increase your chances of an approval. Testimony from your co-workers and employer stating the extent of your limitations at work can also support this documentation.