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Do you have a hearing disability? You may qualify for benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Uncategorized

Deaf people or those who suffer from a hearing disability can benefit significantly from having service dogs. These animals can alert the hearing disabled to sounds that the person would not have been otherwise able to hear; thereby improving the quality of the person’s life.

new study in the United Kingdom focused on 165 deaf people who relied on service dogs to help them with hearing day -to- day sounds. These dogs helped the deaf person hear common everyday sounds like alarms, monitors and doorbells that the the person might not otherwise have been able to hear. The hearing- disabled may find that their disability limits their social interactions. These animals also provided the hearing-disabled – who often suffer from limited social interactions – with companionship and emotional support.

The researchers found that those who had a service dog had significantly better mental health than those who did not have a hearing dog. The persons who had service dogs were less likely to suffer symptoms of depression, and also reported higher levels of independence.

Persons who are hearing -disabled and suffer from deafness or any other hearing disability may qualify for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration provides for disability benefits to be paid to persons who suffer from disabilities that make it hard for them to work and earn a sustainable income. Not all forms of hearing loss qualify for benefits. If your hearing loss is extremely serious and makes it difficult for you to work at a job, you might qualify for disability benefits. Many types of hearing loss can be circumvented by using hearing aids. If your hearing device helps you to hear better and allows you to earn a living or work at another job, you may find that your claim is rejected.