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Stem Cell Conversion Treatment Could Help Treat Diabetes

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2021 | Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that has several long – term health complications. A new study that focused on conversion of human stem cells into pancreatic cells promises path- breaking new approaches to diabetes treatment and care.

The study focused on the conversion of “human pluripotent stem cells” into pancreatic cells. The researchers found that when these converted cells were transplanted in mice, there was tremendous progress in the reduction of blood sugar and other symptoms of diabetes.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 34 million people live with diabetes in the United States. Only about 26 million are diagnosed with diabetes, and are being treated, while the remaining are undiagnosed cases of diabetes. Anyone can be at risk of diabetes, but certain risk factors may make you especially predisposed to this disease. Obesity is a major indicator for diabetes with more than 80 percent of diabetes sufferers also suffering from obesity. Other risk factors include a history of physical inactivity or excessive sedentary activity and a family history of diabetes. Persons with high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol are also at a higher risk of suffering from diabetes.

Left untreated or unmanaged, diabetes can cause a number of high – risk complications that can impact a person’s ability to live a normal life and earn a living.  Chronic kidney disease, kidney failure and kidney problems are complications associated with diabetes. Vision loss and blindness are also possible complications.  Diabetic retinopathy is a complication affecting persons who suffer from diabetes, and is caused by damage to the blood vessels in the eye. Apart from these, foot damage causing gangrene and amputation of the foot, cardiovascular disease, hearing problems and even Alzheimer’s disease are all possible complications.