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Social Security Disability Benefits for Sarcoma

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Sarcoma

Sarcomas are relatively rare types of cancers that occur in the connective tissue of the body. The condition may qualify a person for disability benefits.  Some types of sarcoma may qualify for faster approval of disability benefits.

These kinds of cancers are seen in the skeletal system, bones, muscles or blood vessels. Sarcomas are divided into two types- soft tissue sarcoma and bone or osteosarcoma.  Soft tissue sarcoma may manifest as swellings or lumps. There may be no pain initially. Bone sarcoma, on the other hand, may initially manifest in the form of pain in the limbs or the legs, or even swelling. The pain may be severe enough to cause a limp if the sarcoma is located in the leg bone.

A range of treatments may be used to treat sarcoma.  Typically, surgery is required, but there may be other types of therapies also used to treat the cancer.  In cases where surgery is not deemed necessary, or deemed impossible, radiation may be used to reduce the size of the tumor.

Just like with many other types of cancer, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits after being diagnosed with a sarcoma. In order to qualify for benefits for soft tissue sarcoma, you must show that your symptoms continue to exist even after antineoplastic therapy. It’s important to be especially efficient about filing for disability benefits soon after a soft tissue sarcoma diagnosis because these can spread quickly. In fact, some types of soft tissue sarcoma may qualify for the Compassionate Allowances program which allows you to have an expedited processing of your claim.

In the case of a skeletal or bone sarcoma, you must provide evidence that the tumor is not operable or that the growth is recurrent. If both of these do not apply in your case, then you must be able to prove that the tumor has metastasised to other areas of the body.  Having the diagnosis alone is not sufficient to prove your claim.