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Here’s What we Know about Long Covid

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Covid- 19

Long Covid, the baffling condition in which Covid survivors continue to suffer the effects of the virus in their immune system for months after the initial viral infection, is still not well understood.

More than a year after the start of the pandemic, we are still trying to understand the long – term repercussions of the disease on patients.  Some things are becoming clearer, however. You need not have been hospitalized with Covid for you to suffer from the long – term effects of the disease. Even people who recovered from Covid in their own homes report these effects.

Symptoms of long Covid can range from crushing fatigue, shortness of breath at rest and on exertion, heart failure and even organ damage. Many Covid long-haulers have been unable to go back to their normal lives and jobs after their recovery.

There has been little opportunity for research into the experiences of persons who continue to suffer the after – effects of Covid.  In the absence of complete data and inconsistency of symptoms across people, it has been difficult to come up with standardised treatment programs for long Covid sufferers.  New research, however, is providing hope to long haulers.

Earlier, there was a fear that vaccinations actually exacerbate symptoms in people who suffered from long Covid.  However, this appears to be inaccurate.  One study, for instance, seems to show that vaccinations actually ease the symptoms of long Covid. In particular, mRNA vaccines like the Pfizer one, seem to be beneficial.