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Pandemic Causes Delays in Social Security Disability Payments

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Backlog of claims, Social Security Administration (SSA)

Even during the best of times, the Social Security Administration faced challenges in its processing timelines.  SSA has always had a backlog causing delays in the approval of claims and delivering of payments to beneficiaries. However, that situation has become markedly worse since the pandemic.

According to an investigation, backlogs have increased since the pandemic struck the United States. Agency offices had to be shut down as shelter -in -place restrictions were implemented, and work was curtailed. That meant that thousands of cases went into freeze mode as workers at the Social Security Administration tried to figure out how work could be done with restrictions in place.

In addition to this, applicants faced delays in obtaining the medical and other documentation required to support their claim. The success of any Social Security disability benefits claim depends heavily on the strength of the documentation that is submitted to support the claim. A typical claim will require vast amounts of medical documentation to support the disability and the person’s inability to work at a full – time job. Doctor summaries of the condition, results of X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and other diagnostic tests, lab results, and analyses of the impairments that make it difficult for the person to work – all of these are critically important pieces of evidence in a Social Security disability claim. During the pandemic, it became that much harder for applicants to obtain this evidence with medical offices shut down across Georgia.

Submitting a claim can be a tedious and complicated process, making it harder for people who have limited or no access to the internet or who are uncomfortable with an online submission platform, to be able to submit their claims accurately.

You don’t need representation to file a disability benefits claim, but it is recommended that you seek help.  The process can be vast and complicated, and delays can occur. A representative can help you navigate the process, and act as a liaison between you and the Social Security Administration.