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Overwork After a Heart Attack Could Increase Risk of Second Event

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Heart Attack

A person who has suffered a heart attack may experience residual effects much longer after the initial attack and even after rehabilitation.    According to a new study, working longer hours or under strenuous conditions could expose a heart attack patient to the risk of another attack.

The researchers found that the risk of a heart attack increased significantly when a person who had suffered a heart attack worked more than 55 hours a week after recovering from his cardiac arrest, compared to persons who worked between 35 and 40 hours a week.  In fact, according to the researchers, the increased risk of the second heart attack is equal to the risk of smoking.

The researchers suggest that workers who have suffered a heart attack work together with the employer to come up with interventions that accommodate the need for less strenuous work as well as changes to the work environment to accommodate these needs.

Going back to work after a heart condition or, for that matter, any kind of disability is never a guarantee. In many cases, there may be lasting impairments that make it difficult for one to work at the same productive capacity as before the injury or illness. Employers may not always be able to accommodate one’s medical needs. In the meantime, expenses pile up, particularly medical needs such as hospitalization and rehabilitation needs.  Also, gross household income may have decreased significantly as a result of the inability to work full time. This is where Social Security disability benefits can help you.