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Covid-19 Patients at Higher Stroke Risk

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2021 | Covid- 19

One of the many consequences of a Covid-19 infection, as more data indicates, includes suffering a stroke. A stroke is an emergency medical condition in which there is an interruption in the supply of blood to the brain. This results in damage to the brain cells.  This  damage can be either short-term, or have permanent and life- altering consequences. Some of those consequences can make it impossible for the patient to return to his or her normal life or job.

According to a new study, Covid patients who have suffered a stroke are more likely to die as a result of their stroke, compared to those who did not suffer a stroke. The fatality rate of those who suffered a stroke was 37 percent, compared to 16 percent for non-stroke patients. Covid patients who suffered a stroke also spent 12 days more in the hospital on an average, compared to those who did not suffer a stroke. According to the researchers, as the pandemic progresses, it is becoming apparent that Covid is not a respiratory ailment as much as it is a vascular one that affects many organs of the body, and with several long-term consequences attached.

One of the biggest factors in a complete recovery after a stroke is the efficiency of the care after the stroke.  A stroke patient must have access to emergency medical care within an hour after the beginning of the stroke. The quicker the access to appropriate care, the higher will be the chances of a complete recovery after the event.