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Social Security Disability Benefits and Blood Clotting/Coagulation Disorders

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2021 | Blood Disorders

In a healthy person, blood flows normally and unimpeded throughout the body.  However, when certain disorders result in excessive or unstoppable bleeding, or the formation of blood clots as the blood flows through the body, there may be serious consequences for the patient.

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that can have serious consequences such as excessive, unstoppable bleeding. Hemophilia is a genetic condition that affects males more than females.

If your condition results in consequences that are the result of such bleeding, like pain in the joints, extreme and chronic fatigue, or organ failures, this may help you qualify for a disability claim. There are other bleeding disorders, including thrombocytopenia and Von Willebrand disease that may also qualify you for Social Security disability benefits.

Blood coagulation disorders can also include those conditions in which the blood clots are formed as the blood is moving through the body, possibly resulting in stroke, coronary attack or other consequences.

If your bleeding or blood coagulation disorder is manageable, with the help of medications and certain lifestyle changes, you may find it much more challenging to recover benefits for the same. You must provide evidence that your condition and its consequences make it hard for you to perform tasks that are expected in your job and that you can no longer perform any other job either.