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Stroke Survivors Face Treatment Challenges during Pandemic

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2020 | Stroke

Rehabilitation and therapy services are crucial for stroke survivors who benefit significantly from these therapies. During the pandemic, many Americans who suffered a stroke were unable to access the rehab services that they required.

The pandemic disrupted access to medical and healthcare services for Social Security disability beneficiaries across Georgia. For people who suffer from certain conditions, rehabilitation services are crucial. According to experts, stroke survivors may not be receiving the kind of rehabilitation services they require during the pandemic.

Rehab, according to the American Stroke Association, should begin within 3 months of a stroke. This is the time when long- term damage from the brain injury can be mitigated, and the brain is most likely to be able to adapt to the damage that it has suffered. Survivors may be more likely to regain skills or learn new ways of performing routine activities when rehabilitation begins quickly.

Therapies to help the patient talk, walk and perform routine activities need to begin soon after a stroke has occurred. However, during the pandemic, patients have been unable to access these crucial rehabilitation services, and this could impact their chances of a complete recovery.

The American Stroke Association is specifically recommending that stroke survivors talk freely with their medical teams about the physical and mental issues they currently face, and draft a plan to meet these challenges one by one.