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Some Disability Benefits Beneficiaries May Receive their Stimulus Checks Late

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | corona virus, Covid- 19

At the time of writing this, more than 130 million Americans had received their $1,200 stimulus checks to help them tide over their financial problems during this crisis. However, persons who are receiving disability and other benefits by the Social Security Administration may find that their checks have been delayed.

Logically speaking, the $1,200 check should first benefit persons receiving federal benefits. For example, persons who are already on Supplemental Security Income benefits or are currently receiving Social Security disability benefits are much more likely to be facing the kind of serious financial challenges that can make it hard to even take care of basic needs, like food.

These persons should have been getting the checks the quickest. If you are a disability beneficiary who is still waiting for his or her stimulus check, it’s very likely on its way. However, there may be a delay.

The Internal Revenue Service is preparing files based on individual tax histories, and this is how stimulus checks are being processed and sent out. Social Security disability beneficiaries may not have tax information available with the Internal Revenue Service, since they may not have paid income taxes in the past few years. However, they may have all their information stored with the Social Security Administration. The IRS, therefore, has to first get this information from the Social Security Administration, and process that information before checks are mailed. This means a nail-bitingly stressful period for many disability beneficiaries who are still waiting for their benefits, weeks after the stimulus checks began to be mailed out.

Checks are likely to be mailed through June, which means that if your check isn’t here by now, it should be soon,