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Georgia Sees Alarming Spike in Covid-19 Cases

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2020 | corona virus, Covid- 19

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is fast increasing in the state of Georgia. The total number of cases at the time of writing this has touched 10566. The deaths total 379, an alarming increase by any standards. There are 2159 hospitalized.

The highest number of fatalities has been recorded in Dougherty County which has recorded 44 deaths linked to the Corona Virus global pandemic. 45 deaths were recorded in Fulton, while Cobb County recorded 29 Covid-19 related deaths.  Testing has been expanded across Georgia with more than 38,000 tests administered thus far, making it a testing rate of 24.2 percent.

Fulton County, in fact, recorded the largest increase in confirmed Corona virus cases in the past week, with 26 confirmed new cases, while DeKalb had 21 confirmed new cases. Fulton County is also the only county with a confirmed Covid-19 case toll of above 1000 with a total of 1276 recorded cases.  Currently, DeKalb County has 742 cases, while Cobb County has 629 Gwinnett County has 603, Clayton County has 297, Douglas has 127, and Fayette has 89 cases.

There are important facts in the death rates that of which persons who are currently suffering from pre-existing medical conditions, or in fact, any kind of disability, should be aware. As many as 55 percent of the deaths from Covid-19 recorded in Georgia had a pre – existing condition at the time of death. Older victims are also much more likely to succumb to symptoms of Covid-19.

If you are above the age of 60 or are currently suffering from a medical condition, you need to be military- like in following social distancing protocols. Avoid all non-essential travel outside the house.  Make sure that everyone in your house is also strictly following sanitation protocols by sanitizing hands as well as door knobs, and surfaces.