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| Jan 8, 2018 | Amplified Pain Syndrome

We had a successful hearing last week for a young client who was diagnosed with Amplified Pain Syndrome, also known as Amplified Muscoskeletal Pain Syndrome (AAMPS).   AAMPS is a medical condition in which a young person develops an abnormal pain reflex.  The overactive reflex causes constriction of blood vessels which deprives oxygen to the muscles, bones and skin causing lactic acid build up.  Hence, a mild pain is amplified.  This claimant also had arthritis and other auto-immune diseases.

Some of the symptoms of AAMPS are pain in limbs, whole body pain, abdomen pain, headaches, and swelling of extremities.  For a diagnosis at least three major body parts must be affected longer than 3 months.  Also, other symptoms such as sleep disturbance, weather sensitivity and abdominal pain must manifest as part of a diagnosis.  The treatment protocol appears to be exercise and desensitizing through the pain with aquatic and other occupational therapies.

At the hearing Social Security’s physician expert fully supported disability for our client and was able to synthesize a vast amount of treatment records to explain this condition.  Since many times patients with this condition are suspected of “making it up” it was validating to have a board certified pediatrician, hired by Social Security, support this child’s real and genuine pain.   Many times a hearing is required so that experts can testify as to whether such conditions are actually disabling.