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Improved Pregnancy Outcomes for Women with Lupus

| Dec 12, 2016 | Lupus

Lupus is an incurable medical condition that is marked by severe fatigue and joint pain. While there is no permanent cure for lupus, there are several treatment strategies that can help a person manage his or her symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Historically, women with lupus were not encouraged to have children because of the excessive fatigue that is one of the defining characteristics of this condition and also because of negative side effects associated with Lupus drugs.  However, recent medical improvements allow women suffering from lupus to not only conceive, but also to successfully carry their babies to full term.

Lupus-related fatigue is often so severe that it prevents the person from even getting out of bed. For women with lupus, having children presented especially difficult challenges because the strain of taking care of children would have been crushingly exhausting.  However, medications are available now that help control the symptoms of lupus, including fatigue, and therefore, allow women to conceive and raise a family just like women without lupus.

Another main concern for women who suffer from lupus is the side effects arising from many of the drugs that they take to manage their condition.  Some of the medications that are taken to treat lupus are also linked to birth defects.  If a woman is on such medications, it is important to substitute these with other medications that do not have harmful side effects before she conceives. It’s also important to wait for some time for the harmful chemicals to exit the body before conceiving.  Always consult with a doctor before becoming pregnant if you suffer from any type of serious medical condition.

Women who suffer from lupus, and suffer from symptoms that are so severe that they cannot go back to work, may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration will require that the symptoms be so severe that they prevent the person from performing any substantial work that can result in a sustainable income.  A skilled attorney can help with the process of filing for disability benefits and also with an appeal when payments have been denied.