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New Study Establishes Link between Cell Phone Use and Cancer

| Jun 14, 2016 | Cancer, Wellness studies

Several studies have earlier pointed to a possible association between high frequency cell phone use and an enhanced risk of developing cancer. A new study has taken a look at the issue and indicates that there is a connection.

The study was conducted over a two and half year period by the National Toxicology Program, and seems to strongly link frequent cell phone use with certain types of cancer. According the study, male rats that were exposed to radiation were more likely to develop brain cancer as compared to rats that were not exposed to the radiation. They also had a much higher risk of developing a rare tumor of the heart.

The concerning part is that the level of radiation exposure that the rats were given as part of the study is very similar to the level of exposure associated with cell phone use.  While other studies have also pointed to an association between cell phone use and cancer in the past, this study has been taken particularly seriously because the National Toxicology Program has a stellar reputation for accuracy, especially with respect to animal bioassays.  It should be noted that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration says there is “no evidence linking cell phone use with the risk of brain tumors” on its website.

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