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What Will You Be Asked at Your Social Security Disability Hearing?

| Mar 27, 2016 | Administrative Law Judges, Applying for benefits

The Social Security disability hearing is the most important stage in your benefits claim process.

It’s important to be prepared for your disability hearing, so that you can give appropriate answers to the questions asked. You can expect the administrative law judge (ALJ) in charge of your hearing to ask you several questions about your medical condition.

You will be asked about your health and the medical condition from which you suffer. Expect plenty of questions about the kind of symptoms that you have, and the frequency and intensity of those symptoms.  In most cases, you will be asked very specific questions about the physical and mental limitations you suffer as a result of your condition.

You will also be asked questions about the kind of treatment that you are receiving now and have received in the past.  Questions will most likely cover medications that you’re currently on, the frequency of your doctor visits and other aspects of your treatment.

Apart from medical questions, you may also be asked questions about any vocational training that you have undergone, your work experience and work history. The judge may also specifically ask about the physical aspects of your work, and the amount of sitting or walking that can do. You may face questions about other physically strenuous acts that you have to perform as part of your job.

Remember, that these questions may seem simple enough, but are often designed to understand whether you are exaggerating the severity of your symptoms and the kind of physical and mental limitations imposed on your ability to work. Therefore, it’s important to go through all of these questions and your responses with your Social Security disability attorney beforehand.