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Physiological and Psychological Therapy Beneficial for Back Pain

| Oct 20, 2015 | Back pain, Mental Health, Wellness studies

A combination of physiological and psychological treatment has been found to be very beneficial in the treatment of back pain. According to researchers, Contextual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy releases psychological stress in persons who suffer from chronic back pain, and that helps make their physiological treatment much more effective.

According to the researchers, doctors who use this therapy will be able to help reduce back pain in patients, and also reduce the cost of treatment. Many back pain patients suffer from stress, and also may turn fear-avoidant, a mindset in which they fear taking part in any kind of activity because they are afraid that their back pain will get worse. For such people, finding an effective back pain treatment is very important and also very challenging.

The researchers conducted a pilot study in which they combined physical as well as psychological approaches to treating the problem, and found that chronic back pain could be treated more effectively with a combination of these approaches. Persons who participated in Contextual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy found it was beneficial in treating their back pain.

Chronic back pain is a major contributor to disability in the United States, and is one of the more common musculoskeletal conditions. Every year, thousands of individuals find that they can no longer continue in their former job because their back pain is so debilitating and painful. Any new treatment options should be fully investigated to determine their effectiveness for patients will different types of back pain.