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Chronic Pain Often Accompanied by Emotional Challenges

| Jan 16, 2014 | Wellness studies

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain, which often leaves them in deep discomfort, and often unable to perform even routine daily activities. New research finds that such chronic pain may have other unfortunate consequences. Individuals who live with such chronic pain often suffer from a number of emotional health issues, including reduced self-esteem.

According to the study which was conducted in the United Kingdom by the National Institute for Health Research Health Services and Delivery Research Program, patients who suffer from chronic pain very often struggle with feelings about their bodies. They were also very often likely to feel uncertainty about the future, and trapped by the restrictions imposed by their bodies.

The study also found that many of these people were also likely to be disillusioned by the health care system, which they felt had failed them. They were also prone to feelings of helplessness. One of the more serious consequences that these individuals struggled with struggling with inability to explain their pain to others or prove their pain existed. Overall, these individuals had a much lower quality of life, compared to persons who did not suffer from chronic pain.

Experts believe that individuals who suffer from chronic pain benefit emotionally from participating in support groups. These are designed to connect them with other individuals who also suffer from such chronic pain, and have gone on to live happy and fulfilling lives. It is important for people to understand that it is possible to move on with their lives in such a situation, and to take any steps they can to avoid feelings of helplessness.