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How Social Security Evaluates Your Claim

| Apr 8, 2013 | Applying for benefits

For many Atlantans with a disability who file for Social Security disability benefits, the workings of the Social Security Administration can often be a mystery. The Administration does reject a large number of claims every year, and an applicant can often be left wondering at the procedures that are followed in the processing of claims.
When you file for Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will kick off the process of evaluating your claim to determine whether you’re eligible for benefits. This is a long, arduous and complicated process.

First of all, the agency will determine whether you are working too much to actually be eligible for benefits. This is one of those cases, where if you’re working and earning an income, it could actually hinder your claim.

The Administration will also determine the severity of your medical condition. Just because you believe that your condition is extremely severe, and that you qualify for benefits, doesn’t mean that the agency will believe the same. Your illness or medical condition must not only meet the criteria defined by the Social Security Administration, but must also be included in the list of conditions that is eligible for Social Security benefits.

Just because your symptoms do not meet any of the conditions or impairments that are listed by Social Security Administration, does not automatically disqualify you for benefits. A Social Security disability benefits lawyer can prove that your symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of a condition already on the list.

The Social Security Administration will also evaluate if you’re currently capable of performing the work that you were performing before you applied for the benefits, as well as any other work that you can possibly perform to gain an income.

All of these are extremely complicated procedures, and can take months to complete. A disability attorney can help you navigate the complicated process.