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Social Security’s New Personalized Online Account Services

| Feb 18, 2013 | Applying for benefits

The Social Security Administration recently announced the expansion of services available to applicants who have a my Social Security account. This is a personalized account that persons can use to log in online, and track their activity right from the time that they began working, to the time that they received Social Security benefits.

The Social Security Administration estimates that more than 60 million beneficiaries as well as supplementary beneficiaries like family members are now accessing their account information online. The account can also be used to make important changes like changing addresses.

The agency has announced a number of new services that have been attached to the my Social Security account service. For example, with the new service, people can conduct business with Social Security Administration without having to make a telephone call, or visit the office, or wait for a Social Security letter to arrive in the mail. People can simply log on to Social Security from a smart phone or computer, without having to leave their home.

According to the Social Security Administration, it is currently also working on other ways that it can increase efficiency to benefit applicants. Even more importantly, the expanded use of personalized online accounts will free Social Security employees from frequent interactions with applicants to focus on other duties.

Anybody who is above the age of 18 can sign up for a my Social Security account. Users are required to submit their personal information when they sign up for their personal account.